My First Post

For my first post I want to thank my friend Nyx who set up this site and enabled me to do something I have been putting off out of fear and inability for a long time.  This website is already a collaboration that reminds me that none of us lives alone and thrives on our own in society.  Nyx did the work on this site from a spirit of friendship and generosity that inspires me every day.

I also want to thank the tech support folks and administration of Albertus Magnus College for encouraging the use of technology in innovative ways that center informed pedagogy and learner-focused education.  Integrating technology and teaching is not an easy task in this transformative moment of education in the US, but our little college is doing quite a lot to stay current without losing touch with the human.

Finally I have to thank my students at Albertus for teaching me how to become the teacher I wanted to be.  They showed me that how to live my sociology by sharing their lives and educations with me, and showing me that the world is so much more than what I learned in my own formal education.



  1. Joya Misra

    One of the things that I think many academic sociologists have in common is that we care deeply about inequality. Many of us grew up in situations that made us acutely aware of power and privilege. My own background, as a second generation immigrant kid, growing up in the South, with relatively few childhood friends who went on to college (despite being very smart), affects the way I see things, my teaching, my research, and my interactions in the community. We need to hold the academy accountable as well; my aim has always been to transform the structures around me, work to flatten inequalities, whether they be about resources or recognition/status (and the two tend to be intertwined). Excited to see the conversations that open up on your blog, Karen.

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