Are you wondering why many residential and commercial owners are choosing polished concrete floors over other types of flooring? If you want to know, keep on reading until the end to find out the benefits of using polished concrete floors. Looking for tree removal services? Visit us now at Calgary Tree Removal!

  • Elimination of Dusting from Efflorescence – Polished concrete floors has lower maintenance costs, unlike unpolished concrete. When concrete floors are unpolished, tiny particles of dust are pushed to the surface through an upward force which is called hydrostatic pressure that results in efflorescence. When this happens, concrete floors expect a costly maintenance.
  • Stain-Resistant – Unlike other types of flooring, polished floors are dense enough to repel water, oil, and other contaminants. This is because polishing can densify and seal the concrete surface which can prevent contaminants from penetrating the surface.
  • Improved Reflectivity and Ambient Lighting – Another advantage or benefit of polishing your concrete floor is that it can increase the lighting in facilities which can save you money. Why? Because increased ambient lighting will reduce the energy bill as well as keep your property looking beautiful.
  • Increased Slip Resistance – Polished concrete floor does not create a slippery floor even if its shiny. In fact, the benefits of mechanically grinding and flattening the floor can increase the coefficient of friction compared to ordinary concrete. Imagine how safe and attracting your floor when it is polished.
  • Less Maintenance – Unlike other types of flooring like tile and linoleum, polished concrete requires less maintenance. This is because floorings like tiles and linoleum require aggressive scrubbing to maintain a clean environment and nice appearance. On the contrary, polished concrete surfaces are tightly compacted. They can reduce stains and it does not require any waxing or stripping to maintain the sheen. So, if you want a cost-effective flooring, choose polished concrete.
  • An improved condition for old floors – If your concrete floor is way too old, better consider mechanical grinding of your floor. This is because as concrete ages, surface stress, delamination, curled cold joints, and other problems can arise. And mechanically grinding your floor can help in removing the top surface of your old concrete. In addition, it can polish and strengthen it, which can increase its impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Reduced Tire Wear – Polishing your concrete floor can also keep your concrete floor smooth, which can help in preventing abrasion. So, ensure to mechanically polished your floor.
  • No Production Shutdowns – Unlike other types of flooring, polished concrete can be used or put into service immediately after the polishing process is complete. That means you do not have to stop your business during the process which is truly ideal for many businessmen.

These are some of the reasons why polished concrete floors are popular among residential and commercial owners. If you want to polish your concrete floor, you can contact us. We guarantee to restore your floor sheen and its aesthetic beauty at an affordable price. So, do not hesitate to contact us any day and any time of your choice. Give Calgary Tile Installer a call to get a free quote and estimate over the phone.


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